The Value of Networking

One of the topics we will consistently discuss in your regular monthly meeting is how to improve your networking skills. As previously mentioned, we encourage you to participate in every networking opportunity you can. Whether you’re networking within NIA® or mingling at other venues, we want to ensure you are equipped to do it as effectively as possible.

Every member gets to show off their skills

"One of the many things I love about NIA® is how every member gets an opportunity to show off their skills and talent. Thanks NIA®!"

Michael Reichek
Financial Service
NIA® W. University Group

There is more to networking than just getting names and numbers. So much more. In fact, as I stated before, I used to despise networking, but that was only because I didn’t understand how to do it right, and I was completely turned off by how it was being offered. I didn’t understand that my success was determined by my ability to build sound relationships. At NIA®, we have gleaned the most proven networking strategies in the industry, and we have drilled down on the best of the best. These are the strategies we are committed to incorporating into each monthly meeting and training you how to execute in any networking meeting you attend.

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