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What Makes A Good Location For A Network In Action Franchise?

Why the right location makes a world of a difference

Network In Action looks for locations that have excellent access to the business community in your area. The right demographic metrics include business population, density, and the number of existing business networking groups already operating in an area.

Founder Scott Talley has selected locations since the initial group in The Heights in Houston and continues to work with potential franchisees. Since we do not need real estate to run a successful group, the time to ramp up and begin to earn an ROI is dramatically reduced. Finding a great location area to operate is often right outside your door, and our outstanding business networking model actualizes that potential.

Networking Business | Site Selection Process

When Network In Action studies new locations in a market, our team will assimilate data on both the general population as well as the number of businesses in key industries. Since member participation is not limited to a territory most of our franchise owners choose to stay close to home. Grabbing a couple of zip codes with their original franchise helps our franchise owners operate as efficiently as our original groups. We use national databases to identify areas that have large clusters of likely members. Once potential areas have been identified, we will discuss the pros and cons with a potential franchise owner. The bottom line is that most major cities can handle a significant number of business networking groups. Our job is to help identify that number and start groups in those key areas.

How committed is Network In Action to identifying successful sites? As an emerging brand, we recognize that the selection of an NIA franchise is critical to our long-term success. We will not operate in an area that does not have a significant chance to be successful. There are clearly too many available spaces to grow. You may love your neighborhood but we need to love it as well!

We’re trying not just to pick the best site for today — we’re trying to pick the best site for 20 years from now,” Scott says. “If we can’t find a great site, we’d rather have the small disappointment up front than a big disappointment later”.

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