How is this different from other networking groups?

Let’s start with what is similar: only one person per industry. In every other way, we are different. Yes, members can expect referrals. In fact, NIA has an industry-exclusive guaranteed ROI on every membership. However, our focus is much more on growing someone's business. We have monthly meetings instead of weekly, state-of-the-art technology, and the leader of the group is a paid professional. They are not replaced annually and are compensated for continuing to grow their group. Additionally, members are provided with software to get more five-star reviews, two professionally edited videos, a Google My Business Page consultation, a CRM system, and monthly agendas each valued at $2K or more!

Is Network In Action a competitor to BNI?

In short, no! NIA is an organization that works to help business owners and decision-makers grow their businesses. We hold monthly meetings that focus on a topic providing valuable insight with a different focus every month. No elevator pitches, no requirement to bring friends, no standing and reporting on leads passed. No volunteering. Members show up to work together to build business, and referrals happen naturally. But NIA is far more than a traditional networking group.

What is the single biggest difference between traditional networking and NIA?

Traditional networking asks members to spend 3 to 5 hours a week and recruit friends to grow the group, all while meetings focus on guests. NIA focuses the meeting time on members who receive valuable information to help them grow their business and relationships. The networking is more organic, and each month we attempt to bring you over $2K in real value!

Can a monthly meeting work?

Network In Action has been in business since 2014. Currently, we have over 300 groups in four countries, and NIA is one of the fastest-growing franchises in North America. Entrepreneur Magazine has named NIA Number One in the networking space for four straight years! This is not an experiment, just a more efficient way to build your business and create a great network of referral partners, with a written guarantee for every member!

Am I required to recruit members?

This is another difference between NIA and traditional networking. We believe you have enough to do to build your own business, so we take care of building the group. You are our client, and while you are welcome to bring your friends, you will never be required to. Most of our members end up bringing their friends because they want them to experience this great group, not because they are required to.

What if I have a non-compete with my other networking group?

On April 23, 2024, the FTC ruled against the enforcement of non-competes. We would encourage you to determine for yourself whether this clause is enforceable. A more important question might be why any organization would want to prevent a valued client from growing their business!

NIA claims they are a technology company. What does that mean?

We believe we have the best technology in the industry. It starts with a very intuitive smartphone app for members to stay connected on the days they are not meeting. But it does not end there. NIA can actually launch a new franchise in 42 minutes! We have been able to provide solutions utilizing technology that have long plagued networking groups. Our technology changes the structure of monthly meetings and allows us to provide the most efficient tools in the market.

What role does the NIA franchise owner play?

We refer to the leaders of the group as community builders. These community builders do just that: they build out groups of like-minded individuals, one person per industry, who are all interested in growing their organizations and creating the most efficient networking possible. These franchise owners, as you might imagine, are well trained and supported. While they may be independent business owners, they are part of one of the largest networking organizations in the country. The corporate office is responsible for providing technology, methodology, and ongoing support. The franchise owner will not only act as the membership committee, being very selective about who they put in the group, but they will also run professionally orchestrated monthly gatherings.

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