Monthly Coaching Sessions

One of the added benefits of your NIA® membership is our monthly coaching sessions that we offer. These are typically free, city-wide, ninety-minute networking events in which we have one of our NIA® members, an expert in a particular field, speak on a topic where that person’s experience can lend a hand to other members.

The information I have gleaned from these speakers is worth my annual membership.

"I recently volunteered to offer a seminar myself on 'How Disney Uses Customer Service for Marketing'. I am happy to say the seminar was attended by NIA® members from all over town. It was awesome and provided me and my company with great exposure.

Network In Action does a great job with trainings and coaching. It only makes sense that with so many members, there is a ton of expertise in every city. NIA® brings us all together monthly for an informational coaching session. I have no doubt the information I have gleaned from these speakers is worth my annual membership."

Mike Mallon
Storyteller Promotions, Owner
NIA® Bellair Group

One month, it may be on sales training. Next month, it may be on keeping up with the latest trends in social media. Another month, it may be focused on helping you with your accounts receivable or cash flow. Next time, we may feature a CPA who’s talking about how to put more money in your pocket and pay less in taxes.

Regardless of the topic, you get to pick and choose which events to attend. We spend about an hour on the coaching and the rest of the time networking with members and guests from across the local area—all of which is included in your annual membership.

Each meeting is strategically organized to provide value to you as you work to increase your revenue. Although networking is at the forefront of what NIA® is about, we have many members who tell us that at the end of the day, the seminars are equally as valuable. During these meetings, we discuss topics that are timely and relevant to your current business needs. Having these discussions and asking these questions in a group setting means that you are able to draw on the experiences of each individual in attendance, and each individual is able to draw on yours.

NIA® has it right!

"I just want to thank our leader, Barbara Anne, for the opportunity to share with you about the threat of ID theft, and about my business. I would also like to acknowledge her for her leadership and the incredible job she’s doing for the group. NIA® has it right with a professional leader in every group."

Carlos Hernandez
LegalShield, Representative
NIA® Cyfair Connectors Group

For example, if we are discussing marketing, part of the discussion may include questions such as: What have you found to be your most valuable forms of advertising? What have you tried, but it didn’t give you a return? Was it because you were doing it wrong, or because it’s an outdated strategy? What avenues have you considered, but haven’t been sure they would be worth your investment? It’s likely that another member who is in a similar industry as yours can share with you how to conduct a successful Facebook ad campaign. Or perhaps someone has just spent a hefty budget on Pay Per Click advertising and can speak about his return on investment. What about you? People want to know about your experiences as well.

Each monthly meeting features a new topic of discussion that is hand-selected by your group leader based on the collective interests and needs of the group.

Regardless of how successful your business is, it’s important to maintain a culture of ongoing business development, learning, and growing. Things change so fast in the business world, and we want to ensure that you are always up to speed and aware of the new tools, resources, and best-business practices that will help you get to the top, and to stay there.

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