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Business Basics

Industry: Build and Manage Business Networking Groups (NIA)

Year Business Started: 2015

Year Started Franchising: 2016

Franchise Units Open: 148 / Corporate Units: 3

Investment Range: $35,710 - $42,700

Franchise Fee: $35,000

Royalty: 15%

Available in Canada

Business Features
  • Low investment
  • Recession resistant
  • Can be home-based
  • Lots of prime territories are available
  • Great Item 19 / Great Validation
  • Scalable territory opportunities
  • The ability for MultiUnit Ownership
Full Company Description

Network In Action (NIA) offers Professionally Run Networking Groups for a local Business Community.

NIA group leaders focus on creating the strongest Networking Groups in the Industry. We recognize that there’s a level of investment that a Business Owner is willing to make in their business. This investment is limited by time and money. The first professionally run Business Networking Franchise out there! Franchise Owners build out an Industry Exclusive Networking Group. Preside over a Scripted Monthly Meeting, monitor group for activity, and serve their Member’s needs.

Network In Action is looking for Franchise Owners who have a passion for helping Business Owners grow through Networking. You can now own the only Professionally Owned Franchise Group in your territory. Your initial role will be to build out a Networking Group of 30 to 50 plus Business Owners who you choose to work with. Once you have built out your Group you will host a Monthly Networking Event and help members build their businesses.

You will have access to the technology which connects people 24/7 with any connected device. Management Training, Performance Metrics, Strategies for Success, and scripted meetings are all at your disposal. This is not your Grandma's Networking Group. Franchisees must have a proven sales background and personality to engage a group.

The Customer Experience

At NIA we put the Action into Networking offering a monthly meeting as opposed to weekly commitments saving business owners over 80 hours annually; time that can be better spent working on their business. Members appreciate our State-of-the-Art Technology which keeps them connected during the time they are not meeting. Our Technology helps facilitate better Member Relationships and encourages Member Connection in the least amount of time possible. In today’s business world, it is difficult for Business Owners to find the time needed to establish these important relationships. As our Franchise Owners carefully build out the Group they place an emphasis on bringing in Members who are committed to the process. Our Members become lifelong friends and referral partners. Members receive referrals in real-time on any connected device and enjoy professionally run meetings with no mundane or boring meetings.

Alone in Our Approach

We have studied networking across the country and looked at each offering out there. We can confidently say that NIA is the only player in the industry that offers Monthly Meetings with Great Technology, Professionally Run as opposed to Networking Groups which meet weekly and are run by Volunteers with little or no Technology. We know how to launch New Groups and what industries typically join every group. Our Franchisees will start with the intention of running three groups for their investment. Our model ($25,000 Franchise Fee) works great for Entrepreneurs who enjoy helping others and are passionate about building relationships. Our Franchise Model allows you to grow at the pace you desire.

We are a rapidly growing franchise with great territories available across the country.


We use several different formulas to help our Franchisees ramp up as quickly as possible.

  1. SEO, (Search Engine Optimization)

All NIA sites include SEO.

  1. PPC, (Pay per Click)

This is how we get the client on the first page of a Google search right away. We have Specialists who will make sure all of the right keywords are in place and we’re targeting the right businesses in your zip codes for maximum results during launch.

  1. Social Media and Proactive Lead Generation

We train our Franchisees (or their designee) on how to develop referral sources to help them ramp up faster. We provide a list of area businesses in targeted categories. Additionally, we train on the power of LinkedIn and where to find Members. All of these steps combined help build out groups faster and why a majority of our Franchise Owners have added additional territories in their first year.

Function Of The Owner/Daily Tasks

Network In Action has established a system to help you build out your Networking Group. Once a Franchisee completes training he or she can hit the ground running. Using Personal Contacts and a database of Business Owners provided by Corporate an Owner will be trained to reach out to 12 targeted industries in their area. Industries that have a history of joining Networking Groups. From there a Monthly Meeting is held on the same day each month and run by the Franchise Owner or their delegate utilizing our pre-scripted Meeting Agendas.  In the first week of each month, Franchise Owners engage the bottom 10% of the group to keep them motivated. Once the group is built out it is typical for a Franchise Owner to visit with Potential New Members Weekly. There is little to do operationally with the business, allowing time for a Franchise Owner to focus on their Members.

Ultimately this is where we want the focus “on the Members!” The Owner will need to use their strong communication and networking skills, combined with our proven marketing systems, to attract more Members and ensure that existing Members are fully engaged. We want our Franchisees to be “Pied Pipers” i.e., people who others will follow and that will consistently create the member experience we are known for.

Franchisees will also be working on a Community Service Project annually with their group. At NIA we truly believe it is in giving we receive. We must walk the talk in our communities. Though not an intended consequence like most things in life we tend to add Members and increase retention because of these Charitable efforts. No Employees

There are no Employees needed though if you wish to be a Passive Owner you would need one person to help with a group build-out, meetings, and retention.

Ideal Candidate
  • Passionate about helping others
  • The desire to grow and manage a Business Networking Group
  • Previous experience in Sales and or Networking is helpful but not mandatory
  • Strong people skills
  • Desire to network and build relationships in their community
Financial Information / Item 19

Our corporate location has a strong record of success in the Houston, Texas area and we have an impressive Item 19 that includes not just the corporate units but EVERY unit in our system.

Description Of Territory

A single unit territory ($25,000 Franchise Fee) consists of up to three NIA Groups. Each NIA group strives to have a minimum of 24 members though there is no cap on how many Members a group may have. Your Members may come from anywhere the territory is defined so you will know where monthly meetings will be held.

We actually match the territory with the income goals of each Franchise Candidate. We won’t award a smaller territory if we know the Candidate won’t be able to reach their income goals. We also look for larger players in more densely populated markets like major cities. Major metropolitan areas will require a Candidate to look at a minimum of a double territory. In that way, we won’t dilute the market with too many Franchisees and give the bigger players a chance to reap greater rewards.

Are there any territories that are sold out?

  • Houston, Texas
  • Austin, Texas

In which states are you registered/not registered?

All 50 United States

Competitive Advantage Of NIA Vs The Existing Networking Model
  • Monthly Meetings vs weekly
  • Professionally Run vs Volunteers
  • Web-based Proprietary Software vs little or no technology
  • Meetings focus on Members vs Guests
Franchisor Support: Initial Training, Ongoing Support, E-Learning, Field Support, Annual Meetings, etc.

The Franchisee will receive 5 days of training in our Corporate Territory, both in the Office and in the Field. We will cover in-depth instructions for our Sales System.

Clearly, Member Acquisition is the most important function in the beginning. We spend two-thirds of the Training Week on that alone. The remainder of the time is spent equally on Technology and on running our Meetings according to our Model.

Weekly checklist and Weekly calls with Franchise Business Coach.

Each week there is a 20-minute call with the Franchisor for any challenges and updates. New Franchises are also required to spend 75 minutes for the first 8 weeks with a Business Coach discussing KPIs weekly and the launch of their Initial Group. We are committed to continuing to support our NIA Franchise with regular Communication, Coaching, and Counseling, helping you build your Group(s) and our Brand in your Exclusive Territory. Plans are in the mix for an Annual Conference as well.

Per the above, there is also:

  • Back-end website E-learning platform
  • Video tutorials are available 24/7
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Existing Franchise Mentor Program
  • Dedicated Franchise Coach

NIA Franchisees will have their Local Website tied to our Master Website where they can attract Customers with areas serviced and share in the benefits of the online presence we have already established.

Financial Strength Of Franchisor:

The Franchisor runs efficiently off the revenue from the Corporate-Owned Stores, allowing it to invest more time and capital into the business than a typical startup that relies on limited Franchisee Funds. Today NIA Franchise Intl. is 100% debt-free.

Prospects Perception Of The Company

People initially may believe that NIA is the more expensive model out there. Once a Side by Side Comparison is made and a dollar amount is added to the equation most Business Owners find us to be the less expensive Networking Option. Network In Action has an extremely high customer satisfaction rate. Recently a Franchise Broker who was looking at a Franchise personally commented that “she had never before had a Franchise validate like NIA!”

Number and % of Multi-Unit Owners

The majority of our Franchisees are Multi-Unit Owners (40/84)

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