Networking Business

Network In Action franchisees are surrounded by experts who know how to start a networking group

If you are going to revolutionize an industry, one of the key things that you need is experienced leadership.

A New Approach To Business Networking

What sets Network In Action apart from other business networking groups is that most of our franchisees don’t have a networking background. We want franchisees to be able to see the business from a member’s perspective, and we don’t want to be like other networking groups that may be long on experience but are weak on overall member experience. We want our meetings to be fun, fresh, fast-paced and to always include action. We look for franchisees who share our values, and we have developed robust training and support to help them master how to start their business networking group, and more importantly how to make a business out of it.

Network In Action has opened more than 20 locations and has never closed a single group! This is in an industry that is rife with false starts and groups that never gain traction! Here’s how we get people like you up to speed:

Extensive Training

Franchisees receive over 40 hours of training focused on leadership, sales and marketing, our state-of-the-art technology, member retention, and running a vibrant meeting. Forty hours of training will take place at NIA's corporate headquarters in Houston before starting your group. You do not need any prior business networking experience to run your own group. A successful franchisee is available for the first six months as an optional mentoring program. There are 75 minutes of personal coaching for the first 8 weeks via skype. A weekly optional phone call is available every week with the founder of NIA. Once the franchise business has operated for 2 to 4 months and if all KPIs have been met and you are not enjoying the success expected, we will personally visit the territory to help jump-start your group. To date, that request has not yet been needed. That is right. 100% of our franchise owners have gotten a return on their investment within 120 days. We teach you more than how to start a networking group — we teach you how to make a business out of it.

Here’s a brief look at what you can expect:

Network In Action members enjoy a very different experience than they’re probably used to from other networking groups. Typically members arrive at an afternoon meeting and are ready to network. They are immediately greeted, offered a drink, and begin to experience networking without the drama and volunteers. The franchisee does not pressure people to join the group but follows our sales model where we can actually have business owners asking to join.

A typical conversation with a prospect goes a bit like this:

“If you have a moment, do you mind if I get some information from you?”

“Have you ever been a part of a networking group before?”

“Would you have the capacity to attend 12 meetings annually and pass a minimum of 12 referrals annually? Great I would like to see if we are a fit for each other. I can actually offer the only guaranteed ROI in the marketing world! How can I help you grow your business?”

We teach franchisees how to put prospects at ease and how to create an interview between you and the potential member. At the end of the day, you are the membership committee and you want members that you cannot wait to go to battle for. Over 30% of our members have suggested the names of friends and family that may want to join your group.

The Tools You'll Be Given To Create Connections

Network In Action believes that our franchise owners should be as well-connected as our members. With that in mind, you can always access every franchise owner through our intranet site. If you have a question, ask an experienced franchise owner. Do you need a tip? Ask for help anytime. Do you want to see what other members of an industry have accomplished? Pull a system-wide swap report on any industry represented! Imagine walking into your appointments with historical data on how much business their competitor is gaining from their NIA membership. We tie our success firmly to yours. If you’re not making money, we’re not either, so we have every financial incentive to offer world-class support.

Technical Training

Once a franchise agreement has been signed, Network In Action immediately provides access to training materials and online courses that will help you expand your understanding of our model. The goal is to turn you into a lean mean networking machine! Our E-Learning platform is second to none and can be accessed 24/7 so you can stay up to date with any changes in the system.

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