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Industry Experience Is Helpful But Not Necessary | Starting A Business Networking Group.

You do not need past experience to be successful when starting a networking group with Network In Action. In fact, only about 30% of NIA franchise owners have a background in business networking. The rest follow in the footsteps of founder Scott Talley, who also lacked a background in networking when he started the first Network in Action group in 2014.

What Scott and our franchisees do have is empathy for how challenging growing a business is, and a desire to ensure that our members receive the best, most engaged, and most efficient network experience available.

“I had a basic knowledge of networking groups when I got into this but by no means was I an expert,” says Barbara Anne Konick, who operates a group in the Katy area and has been with NIA for just over a year. “I think that was a huge benefit for me.”

That’s because Barbara Anne and many franchisees are used to approaching business networking from a historical perspective. “Once I saw how easy it was to build a group of business owners I decided to purchase a second territory. I did not need to see all the things volunteers who lead other networking groups do, I just follow NIA’s curriculum”

Business Networking | Building Relationships

While business networking is the industry in which we operate, our core mission is to “help build relationships that last a lifetime". We act out our mission by working hard to provide an exceptional customer experience. Our franchisee training is focused on learning the networking side of the business, we can show you how to properly build your group and provide the tools to keep the members engaged.

NIA helps franchisees build out great groups of business owners — great people who the franchise owner wants to help in the upcoming years. We expect all of our franchise owners to become experts in their field and typically in short order are operating monthly meetings with our professional agendas. The NIA difference helps us recruit and retain excellent customers who become lifelong friends.

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