Networking Business

Our Network In Action franchise is defined by its approach to members and franchisees, and the way in which we seek to leave the world in a better place thru our community service projects.

Business Networking | The NIA Way

One of the things that make us different are the actual agendas for our monthly meetings. Each NIA meeting is professionally scripted, which ensures that every member's time is respected and appreciated, members can still get what they need meeting monthly while saving over 80 hours a year from traditional networking. It’s a great convenience for our members, but it’s a lot more. While giving members a once-a-month meeting option we find that business owners who have traditionally passed "this networking thing" off to a subordinate will actually now join themselves. So, members actually get what they want time to rub elbows and develop relationships with other business owners.

Scripted meetings are important to members for another reason. Most networking groups are designed to impress the visitor and are not designed for the actual member. How many hours are wasted every week in their country in thousands of networking meetings hearing the pest control guy say "I kill bugs dead!" At NIA our technology not only encourages every member to post a video, but this video is also passed electronically to a prospect when a referral is passed on our Android or iPhone app. Often, members will comment about just how different our meetings actually are. Most find a NIA meeting to be the fastest 90 minutes of their month. Our members never have to worry about whether they will meet someone. 100% of our meetings ensure that will happen for all members!

Opportunities To Connect

The meetings are just the beginning for our members. By offering monthly coaching sessions and encouraging one-to-one meetings, business owners can accomplish their goal of establishing meaningful relationships, completely taking the hassle out of boring meetings where members sit while report after report is read, consequentially reducing the time for actual networking! A 90-minute monthly NIA meeting becomes more powerful than 4 weekly meetings with traditional networking groups.

Community Outreach

NIA members appreciate our community involvement-based approach to business. You won’t see us toot our own horn in our advertising. We prefer to let our actions speak for themselves. Our Network In Action franchises each choose an organization to give back some type of service to. After a few months of operating, the group will decide on a local charity to get behind. This could be an effort as small as volunteering at the local food bank or as extensive as VetFest 2016 - A project that raised significant funds to help veterans integrate back into society quicker. Forty-One different companies donated their time, talent, or money to the cause. 100% of the proceeds went to Combined Arms, a 501C3 in Houston.

“When enjoying the success that most of our area business is experiencing, as well as our NIA franchises, we feel it is only fitting to give something back to the community," says Keith Duke, who owns a Network In Action group in Houston. “We have so many gifted business owners these efforts are never a burden on any one person and often lead to greater networking and definitely furthering our business relations."

“Formerly when I was running my networking group I was a volunteer, and when I left a meeting I went back to work on my video marketing business. Now as a Network In Action franchise owner, I am making six figures operating two groups when I used to get my annual dues paid! I was an actual ambassador of the organization and I was putting a ton of time in for less than 500.00 annually!" Franchise owner Moose Rosenfeld says. “I am so much happier today, this was the best decision I have ever made. I did not realize just how much Kool-Aid I was drinking! My business has grown so much that I no longer offer my marketing service and strictly work full-time with my great members. They are happier and so am I.”

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