To The Millenials: A Purpose

We also want to help you find your dream and your purpose. We will do that by first lending you ours. You will find that the best way to find yourself—your passion, your drive, your vision—is to first lose yourself in service. Your unique talents and passion for helping others will in turn help others who may be less fortunate.

We recognize the value of service, which is why we create service opportunities for all of our group members. Other networking groups don’t have time or even an interest in community service because they are so absorbed in the volunteer labors of managing their groups. Community service isn’t even on their radar. But with NIA®, this is the core of our culture—giving back to the communities that have been so good to us. It’s about making an offering of our talents and gifts, while also understanding that what we put out there comes back to us a hundred-fold.

As we thoroughly discussed in Building Your Community Through Service, every group is required to do an annual community service project. Every group has to find something to get behind in order to give back to their community. You will have an equal say within your group as you come up with ideas of what to do. The group members themselves are responsible for selecting their cause because we understand that you already have causes that are close to your heart. The first gift we ask of you is that you share that cause with us and let us get behind it with you.

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To The Millenials: Come, Learn, Stay
To the Millennials: A Learning Opportunity

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