Network In Action Mastermind: Abundant Opportunities for Business Owners

The abundance mindset is paramount to our success at Network in Action. When you look at the history of the networking industry, you will see the opposite of an abundance mindset; it is extremely territorial. Maybe you can join one group and one group only, or you can only be a member of a group that's industry-exclusive. But there’s no single networking group that can give anyone all the business they need. At Network In Action, we believe that if you're building your network, wherever that is—the Chamber of Commerce, another networking group through your college alumni, social media—you have more value to bring to the group.

The last thing we want here at Network In Action is a scarcity mindset. We curate the culture of abundance with intention. Our franchise owners don't have a scarcity mindset, and therefore the people they recruit don't have a scarcity mindset either. The result is a group of people who really love and care about each other and who are being held accountable to take action and who all have an abundant mindset. I challenge any business owner to tell me another networking organization where they can find so much value.

We have a unique model, a unique opportunity, and a unique culture here at NIA. I saw an ad the other day that said, “Buy our franchise and make a difference.” I scrolled up, and it was a haircutting place. “Make a difference” is just a buzzword nowadays—but at Network In Action, our franchise owners and our group members truly are making a difference within each other’s lives and within their communities. Every day I wake up, I get on social media and I see one success story after another coming from our members. There’s not a day that goes by where there's not some story of someone somewhere in the world having success by connecting with other people through their Network In Action group. We've had people get married; we've had people buy each other's businesses; we've had people gain employment; we've had people who were fired and the next day they were offered positions through NIA connections; we’ve had new companies use their last marketing dollars to join an NIA group and, all of a sudden, that same month, they get a nice deal and they're off and running.

It's incredible the life franchise owners lead as a part of Network In Action—a life that we welcome you to explore. Let’s connect soon and see what good we can do for each other. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and getting to know us a little better; we look forward to returning the favor.

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