Network Connection is a networking group that started in Lisbon and is rapidly growing. I was searching for a networking group that could take me to the next level, and that's when I discovered Network Connection. When I attended their meeting, I was truly impressed by the high level of professionalism, the quality of individuals, and the serious approach to business. It wasn't just a social club; they were having fun while building strong relationships and conducting serious business. That's exactly what I was looking for – a challenge and an opportunity to elevate my business.

My main goal was to differentiate Network Connection from other networking groups. In my group, everyone is a decision-maker in their respective fields. I wanted the members to have meaningful conversations and be able to make things happen immediately. Each member is an expert with at least three to five years of industry experience. Moreover, if they are already active networkers and have established connections, they can bring tremendous value to the group by sharing those contacts.

Network Connection meets once a month, ensuring that it doesn't impose a significant time commitment on members. Another aspect that sets us apart is that we are a franchise. This means that Network Connection is not just a networking group; it is my business. As the franchise owner, it is my responsibility to grow the group and deliver value to my members. This takes the pressure off the members, as they are not expected to solely focus on expanding the group. I believe that as business owners and decision-makers, they already have enough responsibilities.

I underwent a thorough vetting process by Network in Action to become a franchise owner. In addition to my 12 years of experience, I completed leadership training and various other requirements. This ensures that I am equipped to lead the group successfully.

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