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Can You Really Revolutionize The Business Networking Industry?

When we ask our members what makes Network In Action different, they consistently use one word to define the experience: “professional”.

Creating Higher-Quality Relationships

At the end of the day, if business owners commit their limited resources to NIA it is our duty to deliver on our promises. When people are choosing a business networking group they have a ton of options,” says Stacey Harris, who operates a NIA group North of Houston. “Our franchise owners set us apart. In this business, the vast majority of networking groups meet weekly and are run by volunteers. The success of the group often is short-lived and always depends on a volunteers. With NIA the technology is so superior today’s business owners have every reason to want to network without drama or boring meetings”. Thousands of business owners want to network but are just not able to either make a morning meeting or add another tasks that requires them to commit to over 100 hours in the next 12 months! They will however jump at the chance to join a professionally run group that meets monthly. Once they experience a NIA meeting they often times begin to refer other business owners or friends to join as well. What they really care about are results and efficiency. We develop relationships and trust by offering a unique networking experience.

Networking Business Technology

We also develop relationships by providing state-of-the-art technology that can be accessed from any connected device. Members are encouraged to post business information during the month on their community site. This helps others in the group begin to see them as experts in their field and to stay front of mind.  Our franchise owners are fully vested and trained to run efficient meetings with the focus totally on the member and not the guests. Our franchise owners are dedicated to helping businesses grow their relationships with other like mined business owners. We want to help grow business!

It’s never efficient to attend weekly meetings and hear the same reports read every week that do little to help you network.  Whatever we can do to make it more efficient, we’re going to do. And providing a professionally run organization is what each franchise is committed to. After all when our franchise owners leave a meeting they go back to work on the group not to some other full time job!

Five Major Differences

So, the “real differences” include the professional leader, monthly vs weekly meetings, great technology, refer with confidence with our mandatory background checks, monthly free coaching sessions and our secret sauce we cover in our training. The NIA experience is just the way you have always wanted networking to be. Who said you cannot have fun while you are networking?

Professional Leadership

Our franchise owners are friendly, well trained, seasoned connectors and are genuinely interested in the needs of their members. When a guest comes into a NIA meeting they are welcomed with open arms but the real attention stays on the members. Our goal is to partner with business owners who understand the value of helping others with business networking.

We also do everything we can to minimize the roller coaster ride most networking groups go on. Traditionally today’s healthy group is just a few months away from a leadership change and who knows what happens then! With a franchise owner and a 10 year commitment the ride is over. Our groups start out vibrant and just get better from there.

Network In Action thrives by focusing on member satisfaction. That’s the business that we are in. We just happen to be better than others.

The “nice difference” isn’t just reserved for our members, though. We’re also a business that focuses on our franchises success. After all, we are in this together and we both benefit only when you bring on members and take care of these members.  Our franchises today are the only trained and certified people running for profit networking groups.

I am not sure what you would call this, but at NIA we call it a revolution!

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