Sean O'Dell

Network In Action franchise opportunities in the B2B Space

Sean O’Dell didn’t expect to own a networking group in Sugarland Texas, but when he spent a year representing a credit card processor company in a Network In Action group and had firsthand experience with the results the group provided him his wheels begin to churn.

After careful consideration Sean decided to leave the merchant services industry and cast his own net! Sean is the proud father of a nine year old and wanted to be as involved in his child’s life as he could.

Sean did not have far to go to learn more about the franchise opportunity. “My wife came home one day and I said I was thinking about opening a Network In Action franchise, and she said to drop that idea and focus on getting a new job, and I said I had already met with the founder and I am convinced this would be great for our family”. After that conversation, the rest was history.

Sean works from his home and usually gets started after dropping his son of at school. Since he operates from home he sets his hours around when member prospects can meet. Sean built his first group out with 20 plus members in less than a month. Once that was in place he started working on a group just down the road in an area near Sugarland called Sienna Plantation.  Now that he is running two networking groups Sean’s commitment involves sending out two emails a week, one on Tuesday and one of Friday.  “The NIA technology makes this really easy for me. I was provided a template for my groups. On Tuesday I generally either highlight a new member who has joined the group or a member who needs more activity. My Friday email summarizes the week and all those that passed a referral during the week. I am by no means a computer wizard but the training and video tutorials allow me to complete both emails in less than an hour”.

In addition to the weekly emails, I typically schedule two to four meetings with new prospects and a meeting or two a week with an existing member. “I love meeting new people in the area and seeing if they can add value to our group and the member meetings allow me to develop even deeper relationships with my customers”. 

“NIA makes the sales process very painless, there is never any pressure put on prospects and my ratio of bringing people on is the highest in my sales career. People quickly understand the value proposition. They can network monthly as opposed to weekly. They can have a group run by a professional and not a volunteer. I show them our great technology and they are typically ready to join”.

Our franchise owners also hold a once a month mandatory ninety minute meeting. These meetings are all planned in advance by corporate and the agendas are designed to help people connect and build relationships. Our franchise owners go to our intranet site and simply download the agenda a few days ahead of time to familiarize themselves with the activities for that meeting.  Six times a year they will also help schedule a free coaching session that is typically put on by one of the members. Often times our franchise owners will combine their two groups if in the same area. This gives the members more networking opportunities and a great chance to gain valuable information from the speaker.

Sean is especially fond of his monthly meetings because it gives him a chance to get to know them better. “I want to know how members are doing in their business and personal life. So often they have had a bad experience from another networking group, and they really enjoy the efficiency and size of our groups. They feel we’re working hard to make the group better and we have their best interest at heart. Obviously no volunteer is going to out work me and my group in Sugarland. Members might pay a little bit more for joining, but they don’t mind because they know they’re being taken care of”.

Once groups have been built out our franchise owners monitor the scoreboard monthly to see who needs to get more engaged and where they can help. This usually includes communicating with a few members the first week of each month either a phone call, email or quick meeting. This call is a great time to show the member just how much you truly care about their success and that you are proactively working for them.

In seven short months Sean has built out two successful business networking groups right near his home and taken three extended vacations back home to California. Most importantly he has been available to his son and enjoys the time he can now spend with him. We think there are a myriad of reasons to look further at a Network In Action franchise.

If you love helping people and enjoy personal interaction and developing meaningful relationships then a NIA franchise may be just the fit.

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