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Network In Action franchise opportunities in the B2B Space

Sean O’Dell didn’t expect to own a networking group in Sugarland Texas, but when he spent a year representing a credit card processor company in a Network In Action group and had firsthand experience with the results the group provided him his wheels begin to churn.

What are the qualities that we seek in an ideal candidate?

Network In Action is looking for franchisees who share our passion for making a difference in the lives of business owners through the creation networking groups; “where members create relationships that last a lifetime”.


Timeline For Starting A NIA Business Networking Group In A New Location

Here is a development timeline for starting a business networking group with Network In Action:

Network In Action Franchisee Reviews

Here are a few video testimonials from our satisfied franchisees!

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What Makes A Good Location For A Network In Action Franchise?

Why the right location makes a world of a difference

Network In Action looks for locations that have excellent access to the business community in your area. The right demographic metrics include business population, density and the number of existing business networking groups already operating in an area.

Franchisee Training

Network In Action franchisees are surrounded by experts who know how to start a networking group

If you are going to revolutionize an industry, one of the key things that you need is experienced leadership.

Piggy Bank

Initial Investment Requirements | Networking Business

The following costs are excerpted from Network In Action’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and are estimated. Each Network In Action franchisee has the right to initially develop one group for the franchise fee of $40,000. The difference between low and high investment levels exists depending on your desire to operate two business networking groups in your agreement or one as well as your experience and management of the group.

NIA Excels beyond all others.

Can You Really Revolutionize The Business Networking Industry?

When we ask our members what makes Network In Action different, they consistently use one word to define the experience: “professional”.

Business People

Industry Experience Is Helpful But Not Necessary | Starting A Business Networking Group.

You do not need past experience to be successful when starting a networking group with Network In Action. In fact, only about 30% of NIA franchise owners have a background in business networking. The rest follow in the footsteps of founder Scott Talley, who also lacked a background in networking when he started the first Network in Action group in 2014.

Network In Action

Our Network In Action franchise is defined by its approach to members and franchisees, and the way in which we seek to leave the world in a better place thru our community service projects.


What we look for in potential franchise partners | Networking Business

Network In Action is succeeding by partnering with outgoing people who love to serve customers and make a difference in people’s lives. While “networking” is the business we are in, our focus is on people and how we can help them grow their business. We welcome any qualified candidates who are looking to make a difference.

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