Networking Franchise:
Building an equitable and loyal referral network.

There are very few opportunities out there that allow you to do what you love, make a real difference with others, and make a good income while doing it. NIA is one of them. If you are a successful executive, business consultant or business owner and are interested in leveraging your experience to help business owners, opportunities to own a NIA franchise may be available in your area. Join our webinar to learn about:

  • How to build your business by leading a referral group
  • How conventional networking is being rethought
  • How to generate referral synergy within a network.
  • Are you the right fit for a NIA Franchise

Meet the speaker

  • Scott Talley

    Scott Talley

    This self-described "serial entrepreneur” has spearheaded the 5th fastest growing company in Houston in 2010. As chief editor for several hyper-local publications, he has helped to market thousands of small-to-medium-sized business owners. He has a passion for networking and people. Scott Talley is the founder of Network in Action.

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